Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Non-BatRep BatRep

Quick post here. We finished our game that my last post talks about. To make this real easy, the game was miserable. My sons and I have fun playing. I can think of very few games where I haven't had fun (including 4th edition Dark Eldar games that went horribly bad). This game was definitely the exception. Because my youngest went out of town, I ended up playing our side by myself. I failed over half of my Grey Knights' psychic tests, which made them rather worthless in close combat. My Interceptor sqad, 5 strong with falchions, failed theirs against a termie squad with 3 left and was wiped out in one round. The ultimate annoyance was the Librarian, who was in reserve and came out in round three, ready to start clearing out some pesky shooty units. In his first assault he not only fails his psychic test, buts fails with snake eyes, doesn't hit anything, and goes away into the warp.Arrrgh! 'Nuff said.

Next post - I'm going to start on another building, I need some fun that my dice can't ruin.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Battle Report (kinda, sorta... not really)

My sons and I haven't been able to put models on the table in a week or so. My youngest keeps asking for us to play, so he and I combined our forces (Sons of Medusa and Grey Knights) to take on his older brother (Templars) in a 1000/1000 vs. 2000 battle. Instead of giving a detailed report, I'll give a broad overview of the setup and the game so far.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ork Wreck is Completely Wrecked

My Ork wreck from a fast food kid's meal toy is now complete. Spent the evening painting and adding grass. I think it fits what I was looking to make - a functional piece of terrain. It's got enough space on the flat hills for a small squad to snipe while under cover.

This was my first time to ever use static grass. I may go back and some more to give the wreck an even more abandoned look. Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Speeder Wreck Complete - Orks are Next

Really busy week this past week. Weekend has been full as well so it's been a slow process working on the two wrecks. We spent all day today with my mom for Mother's Day. Got home late tonight and I was able to finish the speeder and start getting base coats on the Ork wreck. I'm ready to hit the sack, so I'll just post my pics and say goodnight.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Working Wrecks

Bad weather here in the South for half of the weekend usually means I would get to spend lots of time indoors playing with my little army men, but I had honey-do stuff that took up most of my Sunday afternoon. I did get to spend some time on two of my terrain pieces.