Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting Some Orky Love

Still haven't had the time to get started on the wrecked titan. I did find the plans thanks to Timothy's comment. This page has a number of resources. Look at the list of vehicle templates for the Warhound. I printed of a couple of copies of the plans. I'm going to spray mount each page to some card stock, then cut if out. Might try on foamcore as well - not sure how that might affect the pieces fitting together though.

My youngest has gotten cabin fever (along with me), so we ventured out last night for a small game at our local hobby store. I'm slowly learning my Orks and got a chance to use them against his SM. We played a 550pt (that's all I've got so far) game. I'll let the pictures show where we were at the third turn and let you decide who won.

1 comment:

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