Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Warhound Wreck: Reboot

Image Grabbed from the interwebs
I didn't report back after the terrain contest. I lost. Oh well. Kind of disappointing - it was my two pieces and someone's airport looking piece built for Epic scale. It won. So life goes on.

I'm going to start on the wrecked titan this week. This was going to be my entry into the terrain contest  until I found out the contest had a "communications" theme. All I have of the template is a printout. If I can find it online again, I'll include the link in one of my posts. If anyone else knows where it can be found, please drop the address in the comments.

I've already decided on my next project after the titan. I really enjoyed doing the ork tower and the comms tower/short bastion. I want to continue with the ork theme and create an ork looted bastion. I'll start with the same bastion template I've used and almost complete the building. I want to leave at least one corner and most of its adjacent sides off - as if they have been blown off. Then build those sections up with orky construction. The finishing touch will be to paint the intact part of the bastion like an Imperial building and then come back and give it an ork make-over (some graffiti and other stuff). The ork constructed parts will be painted up similarly to my tower.



    Has a whole bunch of goodness including Warhound (the JSVironfurnace ones), Reaver (also JSV), and Warlord (not JSV) Templates.

    Also, I've been building Paper 'hounds again, and if you have any need/want for leg pistons out of paper I can give dimensions for what'll look right.
    This post'll show what they look like.

    Furthermore, Ork Looted anything is automatically awesome. I love this place.