Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back from the Warp

After a year and a half, I am back. We've had some major life events that have kept us very busy. We've been able to play every so often and even get some painting done on our models, but no terrain. I no longer have a basement with lots of room to work in. It's been real frustrating to not be able to do one of the things I enjoy the most.

Near the new house we're in, my youngest son and I have found a hobby shop that just recently became an authorized GW seller. The shop has a large area for table gaming of all kinds. The Battle Bunker is about 20 minutes from us now, but this store is about three blocks away. We are excited to now have a close location that we go to and play and paint without having to plan a trip.

I checked the store's facebook page  and found that they are having a tournament and a terrain contest on the 27th of this month. The second item has inspired me to make the most of our current situation and start working on terrain again, despite our lack of workspace. My boys harass me about my plans to scratch build a titan. I found a set of plans years ago, but never started doing it (just talked about it). Well, I'm not going to build the whole titan, just a part of it. I'm going to use a 12" square board as my base and build the wreckage of a warhound and a hill with trees.

I've sketched a few ideas and am ready to get started. I'll start on the feet tomorrow, which gives me 20 days to get the whole thing complete. I'm looking forward to creating and sharing along the way.


  1. I actually did something like this back in August... I even used the same templates.

    I worked in 110lb cardstock and built the top structure and built up a hill to make it look half-buried.

    Pictures (half-finished) in the link:

    P.S. I like this blog (chanced upon it just now because the orky terrain post... very good work.)

    1. Thanks for the comment Timothy. You went a lot further on your warhound than I was thinking of doing. It looks great. That must really be a scene stealing centerpiece for a game.

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